Spray Paint Nails Tutorial with Salon Perfect Spray-On Polish

Friday, March 24, 2017
A popular trend in the nail world is spray paint nails. Plenty of brands have emerged on the market, promising fast and perfect results that take the pain out of painting your nails. However, using a spray paint style nail polish can be intimidating, especially for the first time. I have created this tutorial, featuring Salon Perfect's Spray-On Nail Polish, to teach you how easy this process is so that you can do it in your own home.

What You Will Need

spray paint nails tutorial supplies
Spray paint nail polish - I'm using Salon Perfect in silver
Warm, soapy water in a bowl
Basecoat and topcoat made for the spray paint polish
Paper to protect your work area
Remember that this stuff is spray paint! Be sure to work in a well ventilated area, and to protect your work area well.

Step 1: Apply Basecoat

I applied one generous coat of the Basecoat + Topcoat by Salon Perfect, which was made specifically for their spray paint nail polish. I allowed it to dry before proceeding to apply one coat of the polish.

spray paint nails tutorial apply basecoat
Basecoat applied

Step 2: Spray First Coat

Be sure to shake your can well before you start applying the polish. Now, apply one coat by holding the can no more than 6 inches away from your nails. To get an even application, try to use a sweeping, side-to-side motion with your hand while spraying. This part really takes practice! I know that I did not get an even application, but cut me some slack here, this is my first go at spray paint nails! Allow this coat to dry. I would say mine dried in a few minutes. Also, I did not notice much overspray going on. My clothing and other items in the vicinity were not sprayed.

spray paint nails tutorial spray on first coat
First coat applied

Step 3: Spray Second Coat

You will now want to apply a second coat, using the same instructions from Step 1. Again, allow this coat to dry fully before proceeding to Step 3. I have supplied a closeup of what my nails look like thus far. They do not seem to be very shiny.

spray paint nails tutorial spray on second coat
Second coat applied (closeup)

Step 4: Apply Topcoat

Once your nails have fully dried, go ahead and apply another coat of the Basecoat + Topcoat. Allow it to fully dry. I did note that the topcoat did not make my nails any more shiny, but it did dry fast.

spray paint nails tutorial apply topcoat
Topcoat applied

Step 5: Clean Skin

Next, dip your fingers into warm, soapy water. I used my other hand to gently scrub at my skin, and the nail polish washed off immediately. I was all cleaned up in about a minute per hand. Impressive!

spray paint nails tutorial soak fingers
Soak fingers to remove nail polish from the skin

Below is the finished product. Again, it did not come out perfect, but practice will help. I do not think the process went any faster for me than just painting my nails a solid color with regular nail polish.

salon perfect spray-on nail polish in silver
Finished product
My overall review of Salon Perfect's Spray-On Nail Polish is that I will not repurchase it. The nail polish by itself was not shiny, and the topcoat did not help. While I applied a generous amount of topcoat, my manicure got destroyed during my first shower. Almost all of the nail polish washed off, causing me to have to paint my nails with different nail polish. The only positive remarks that I have are the nail polish washed off of the skin very fast, the application process was easy, and everything dried in a timely manner. While I did not have a good experience with this particular brand, I will not allow it to ruin my curiosity for doing spray paint nails in the future.

Just a note here- it appears that you can no longer get this product from Salon Perfect. These were part of a special edition line.

I do think that spray paint nails take practice to get right, but the results are well worth it when using a good brand. Not to mention that this type of manicure is fun! Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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