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Friday, September 02, 2016
As the Spring semester drew to a close, I noticed that I was getting acne on my forehead, as well as some around my nose and chin. This wasn't incredibly unusual for me. I attributed it to months of clogging my pores with makeup, and that my makeup brushes needed cleaned and by blending sponge needed disposed of. I expected that it would clear up once the semester was over, since I don't wear makeup in the summer (only for school). However, my acne actually got worse! My forehead was covered, including a cluster in the middle. Years ago I used to only get it around my nose and chin, but I haven't had much acne since starting some medications. While I'm not sure what changed in my body, it became apparent that I needed to develop a skin care routine being as that I did not have a legitimate one already. Since starting this routine, my nose and chin are mostly clear, and much of the acne has left my forehead. I anticipate that using this system over time will cause further positive results. I have decided to share my new skin care routine with you in hopes that it will inspire you to create your own if you are having trouble skin like mine and will show you that you can achieve great skin on a budget. Please note that I am not a professional and created this system out of my own mind.

skin care routine products

What you will need:

1) Rotating face scrubber >> Big Lots
2) Replacement face scrubber heads (optional) >> Big Lots
3) Silicon face exfoliator >> Walmart
4) Face exfoliating sponge >> Dollar Tree
5) Extractor tool >> your choice
5) Equate Beauty Skin Cream (or Noxzema) >> Walmart
6) Charcoal Face Wash >> Dollar Tree
7) Charcoal Face Mask >> Dollar Tree
8) Foaming Acne Scrub >> Dollar Tree
9) St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub >> Walmart
10) Equate Beauty Dual Power Moisturizer (or Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer) >> Walmart
11) Apricot Facial Scrub >> Dollar Tree

Optional: Wash cloth, makeup remover of your choice, rubbing alcohol and cotton ball for sanitizing extractor tool

*The following three steps are done in the shower.*

Step 1

Before completing the instructions below, remove any makeup with a makeup remover of your choice. I use machine washable makeup remover cloths from Walmart. For stubborn eye makeup, I like wet n wild's eye makeup remover.

walmart equate beauty skin cream, rotating face scrubber

I start out by wetting my face, and then applying Equate Beauty Skin Cream all over it with my fingers. I then turn on my rotating face brush and scrub my entire face in circular motions. This particular brush has a low and high setting. I recommend getting your skin used to the brush by using the low setting, then high at a later point in time. After I'm done, I carefully rinse the scrubbing brush and wash the cream off of my face with a wet washcloth. Optionally you can rinse your face under the shower head. 

Step 2

apricot face scrub charcoal face wash

Next I alternate between the three products in the image above. This may sound confusing, so I have provided a day-by-day example of how I alternate instead of trying to explain in a paragraph:

Day 1: St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
Day 2: Apricot Facial Scrub
Day 3: St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
Day 4: Charcoal Face Wash
Day 5: St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
Day 6: Apricot Facial Scrub
Day 7: St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
Day 8: Charcoal Scrub
So on and so forth

I apply all of these products to my face with my fingers, and then I scrub them into my face with a silicon exfoliator pad. The great thing about these pads is that they turn any face wash into an exfoliating wash, whether they have exfoliating beads or not. Mine came in a two-pack, and they suction to the shower tiles. After scrubbing my face, I rinse the exfoliating pad and then rinse my face with the microfiber side of the face exfoliating sponge. I then rinse the sponge. The sponges come in a 3-pack.

Please note that when your exfoliating sponge is new it will have a tag on it. I cut mine off so that it does not get in my way. Also, my St. Ives bottle is small because it was a sample in my Summer 2016 Walmart Beauty Box. In addition, the Dollar Tree Apricot Facial Scrub is very different from the St. Ives. The St. Ives is like rubbing fine sand onto your face, while the Apricot Scrub has a slight amount of exfoliating beads and is more runny like a body wash.

Step 3

dollar tree foaming acne scrub

Next I use my fingers to apply the Foaming Acne Scrub only to my trouble areas. Then I scrub it into my skin using the exfoliating mesh side of the sponge. When I'm done I use the microfiber side of the sponge to rinse my face, and then I rinse both sides of the sponge.

Step 4

walmart equate beauty dual power moisturizer

After my shower I dry my face and then apply the Equate Beauty Dual Power Moisturizer only to my trouble areas, and I try to rub it in as best as possible. The rest that does not rub in will dry on its own. This product can be used 1-3 times a day, if you wish.

Step 5

dollar tree charcoal face mask

Once a week (currently on Fridays) I apply the Charcoal Face Mask to my entire face. It can be left on for 10-15 minutes (I do 15). I then rinse it off with warm water and the microfiber side of the face exfoliating sponge. I then rinse the sponge. 

Step 6

cleanlogic blemish extractor tool

I use an extracting tool to pop any "poppable" blackheads and whiteheads. The small end is for whiteheads, and the large is for blackheads.  You simply press it onto your face around the blemish, and then drag towards it to extract it. Remember to be as gentle as you can while using this product. Be sure to sanitize your tool with rubbing alcohol after each use. Purchasing and using this tool is entirely optional.

There are plenty of brands that make these extractor tools. Mine is a Cleanlogic and I got it at Tuesday Morning. I also know that e.l.f. makes one as well.

Cost breakdown of all featured products:

skin care routine costs

I personally think that the cost of my skin care routine is decent because of how long the products last. Between product rotating and washable products like the silicon exfoliator and sponge exfoliator, you will not have to replenish often. 

This concludes my skin care routine. Do you have a routine of your own? Will you be stealing any parts of my routine? Let's talk about it in the comments section. Also, I would love to discuss skin care and acne with you. I'm sure that I have a lot to learn, as I am not a professional. I have just created a system that works for me and my skin. I do think that skin care is important, especially because you want a clean and smooth canvas for makeup application. Anyway, until next time continue to let your true beauty shine.


  1. I am age 52 and have acne! I've found that rotating your products is a good idea since skin seems to "get used" to certain products and they will stop being effective. I need some economical wrinkle reducing ideas. Vitamin E oil is a good and cheap product. I also use Zinc Oxide (which is used for diaper rash) to speed up spots/sores/hangnails and razor rash. It dries and moisturizes. I love that you have chosen low price products!

    1. At my age I don't really wrinkles, but a lady told me that she heard aloe based products work well. I didn't know that about product rotation, but that makes sense!


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