wet n wild Lost in the Wildflowers Limited Edition Summer Collection

Saturday, May 28, 2016
After waiting two long weeks for my order to arrive, wet n wild beauty's limited edition summer collection finally arrived at my doorstep. Let me start off by saying it was well worth the wait. I knew from the first moment that wet n wild unveiled the Lost in the Wildflowers collection, I had to get my hands on all of the makeup items. I skipped on the nail polish (as I usually do), just because I don't feel like the colors are very unique in comparison to what is already in my monstrous collection. My single frowny face is that I was only able to get one of the highlighting powders. I am just like all of the rest of you out there finding empty displays in local stores. I still hold out hope that I will find it, but I am super grateful to have gotten one. Anyway, I thought you all would find swatches and full reviews of these products helpful as you decide what products to purchase or pass on. Not to mention the packaging is beautiful to look at and the products are nothing but fun. Let's get to it!

wet n wild lost in the wildflowers limited edition summer collection

 Coloricon Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

I want to start off by taking about the applicator. I have never had a lip product with this style of applicator that was curved to better work with your lip shape. Big high-five to you, wet n wild.

wet n wild coloricon metallic liquid lipstick applicator

These products are true to their name. They are super metallic! I was especially blown away by the My Tulips are Sealed shade. It has a gold and a peachy orange metallic look all at the same time. Also, these products are very pigmented. They have a hard to describe smell. It's not the best smell in the world, but I can deal with it. They stay very glossy and wet over time. I would have to imagine that they will feel like lipgloss on the lips. I really hate the feel of lipgloss, but I love these so much that I will try my best to ignore that. That being said, I would not expect these products to hold up well while eating or kissing. Perhaps using a lip liner underneath would be a smart choice. An interesting note- I jumped straight into the shower after doing these swatches, and held these lipstick swatches under the water for a while. They did not budge! I had to rub them vigorously with my hand to get them to wipe away. Then my arm was metallic hot pink, which is now the color my white loofah is stained. So, maybe they will be food proof? If you would like a further review of how these hold up after a normal day of wear, let me know in the comments.

I really do not have a favorite shade. I love them all! I am most intrigued by the purple, just because it is a "strange" lip color. I'm not all that sure that I can pull off unnatural lip colors, but I tend to wear them anyway. My rule of thumb is to just rock any lip color that you wear and feel confident about it.

wet n wild coloricon metallic liquid lipstick indigo your own way
Indigo Your Own Way

wet n wild coloricon metallic liquid lipstick coming up roses
Coming Up Roses

wet n wild coloricon metallic liquid lipstick chrysanthemum's the word
Chrysanthemum's the Word

wet n wild coloricon metallic liquid lipstick peony express
Peony Express

wet n wild coloricon metallic liquid lipstick my tulips are sealed
My Tulips Are Sealed

wet n wild coloricon metallic liquid lipstick swatches

Megaglo Multi-Sticks

These products are very creamy. I plan on blending them out with a blending sponge in actual application. I tried blending the swatches with my finger, and they blended easily. I also noticed that the blended areas very nicely set and dry, while the unblended swatches stayed tacky. If you plan to not blend these products out, I would probably set them with a setting powder. I find the name multi-sticks to be very curious. I think they are all intended to be highlighters, but I think that ultimately depends on your skin tone. Based on my skin tone, I think Marigold Round will work best as a highlighter. Carnational Anthem would be better as a blush or bronzer, but I do note that it would be a quite orangey bronzer. Light Up My High-biscus could be a blush or pinkish highlighter. I tend to shy away from using cream products. I'm always afraid I'm going to mess up or that they won't work well. I need to try to force myself to use these often. After all, the swatches were not that scary.

wet n wild megaglo multi sticks carnational anthem
Carnational Anthem

wet n wild megaglo multi sticks light up my high-biscus
Light Up My High-biscus

wet n wild megaglo multi sticks marigold round
Marigold Round

wet n wild megaglo multi sticks swatches

Megaglo Highlighting Powder

I see what all the hype is about concerning these highlighting powders! First of all, the impressed design is so pretty. The powder itself is so sparkly, it's like fairy dust. I'm most impressed that you can actually see the swatch in the image. This highlighter is definitely first day of school worthy. I really hope that I can get my hands on the other one. If I do, let me know down in the comments if you would like a swatch and review of it.

wet n wild megaglo highlighting powder crown of my canopy
Crown of My Canopy

wet n wild megaglo highlighting powder crown of my canopy swatch

In summary, I found this collection to be very impressive. I do not regret buying any of these items. I know that I will get much use out of them, and I highly recommend this collection. If you would like to purchase any of these items for yourself, some are still in stock at www.wetnwildbeauty.com/limited-editions.html. Also, before you go, let me know which of these products were your favorite. Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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