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Friday, May 06, 2016
I'm a girl who's not afraid to get down and dirty in drugstore makeup. Sure, high-end stuff is fun, but you don't need to go high-end to look your best. One brand that I've been snatching up for years is wet n wild. They are an inexpensive drugstore brand that is cruelty free. They produce a wide assortment of makeup products, from primers, to lashes, to eyeshadows. I'm almost always pleased with the products that I try, and they often bring expensive trends to market at lower prices. As you will see below, my collection is pretty large (and always getting larger). I attempted to fit my entire collection into one photo, and it's so big that it came out awful. Anyway, let's get into swatches and reviews of my entire collection.

wet n wild makeup collection


The setting spray works fine, just as good as any other setting spray I've used. I will say that it burns my eyes good for a few seconds, so try to keep yours tightly closed while applying. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging of the spray? So cute! 

I'm not as impressed with the lash primer. I don't have issues with my mascara staying put, but I wanted to give this a go anyway. It acts like a face primer, in that it is drying. The drying effect makes my mascara not apply as well, so I tend to skip it in my routine. The only benefit that I get from it is that it helps my lashes stay curled a bit more. 

I really like the face primer. It works great with their foundation, and keeps me from getting orange and gross. I can touch my face throughout the day and not have all my makeup come off. 

This eyeshadow primer tho. I own Urban Decay's original Primer Potion, and let me tell you, this stuff is a 100% dupe! I fully believe that I could put UD's primer on one eye, and wet n wild's primer on the other, and get the same results. The product looks, feels, and dries the same. Please do yourself a favor and buy this stuff. I cannot stress this enough. Your eyeshadow will stay put 12+ hours, and not at UD's price.

wet n wild photofocus setting spray lash eyeshadow primer coverall primer

Photofocus Setting Spray
Photofocus Lash Primer
Coverall Primer
Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

Foundation and Concealer

I've had a really hard time finding a foundation that I like as much as this one. The fair shade is absolutely perfect for my skin tone. I think it's just dandy for a drugstore foundation. However, if you are looking for high-end results, then you should go for a high-end foundation. I use this foundation with their face primer for optimal results (i.e. no orange face).

I'm really disappointed by the concealing pen. First of all, you get very little product for $5. If I used this product daily, I would have to repurchase it every few weeks, which is just not economical. Also, it doesn't come in a large range of shades. The lightest shade is too close to my foundation shade, so I get no highlighting benefits. In addition, the product separates strangely- it almost looks scaly and yellow under my eyes. I will not repurchase this product.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Celebrity Concealer. It highlights better for me, but still not what I'm looking for. I'm having hard time finding a drugstore concealer that is white enough that it highlights under my eyes. This concealer is lighter, but pretty thick. I wish the formula was thinner for easier blending with my blending sponge. Also, a little goes a long way. It's hard to use this concealer to cover small blemishes. I try using a small drop, but that drop can cover a large area. I may repurchase this.

wet n wild coverall foundation illumi-naughty highlighting & concealing pen come correct celebrity concealer

Coverall Foundation in Fair
Illumi-naughty Highlighting & Concealing Pen
Come Correct Celebrity Concealer in Fair


I have the old and new version of the contouring palettes. While the names are the same, the colors are very different. However, I like them both! They work well for my fair skin. The formula is smooth with good color payoff.

The illuminating powder gives a very gentle glow. I use it as a highlighter, and even just as a blush for a more bare look.

I'm not as impressed with the highlighting and contour stick as I thought I would be. What I do is I draw lines on my face, and then blend them out with a blending sponge. After blending it doesn't look like you've done much (the bronzer kind of disappears). The product also, in a way, moves my foundation around, for the lack of a better way to put it. It's kind of like I'm wiping it off while blending the bronzer.

The geometric highlighters are fun. I like the variety of colors they come in. They give you just the right amount of glow.

The blush & glow trio appears to be a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked Flushed. While I don't own Flushed, they look very similar in comparing pictures. I absolutely love this trio. The shades are perfect, and well pigmented. I adore applying these powders with my blending sponge for a perfected, air-brushed look. Well done, wet n wild.

After purchasing the Heather Silk blusher, I'd totally go back for more. The formula is soft, and it actually looks like your're wearing blush. I think it's just great for a drugstore blush.

wet n wild coloricon megaglow contouring palette caramel toffee

Coloricon/Megaglow Contouring Palettes in Caramel Toffee

wet n wild megaglow illuminating powder in catwalk pink

Megaglow Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink

wet n wild megaglow dual ended contour stick in light/medium

Megaglow Dual-Ended Contour Stick in Light/Medium

wet n wild geometic highlighting powder where the dreams go sun ceremony desert explorations

Geometric Highlighting Powder in Where the Dreams Go, Sun Ceremony, and Desert Explorations

wet n wild coloricon blush & glow trio fair trade coffee

Coloricon Blush & Glow Trio in Fair Trade Coffee

wet n wild coloricon blusher heather silk

Coloicon Blusher in Heather Silk


The lipsticks are average drugstore quality. The color payoff is good, but overall they are standard. I wouldn't mind collecting all of the shades.

The matte lip colors are pretty good. They are matte, not super drying, and true to color.

wet n wild lipstick black orchid light berry frost just garnet cashmere

Black Orchid
Light Berry Frost
Just Garnet

wet n wild lipstick a short affair fuchsia with blue pearl will you be with me

A Short Affair
Fuchsia with Blue Pearl
Will You Be With Me?

wet n wild velvet matte lip color dj doll lie lack

Velvet Matte Lip Color in DJ Doll and Lie Lack


I try not to have 1,000 mascaras open at one time, so I have not tried the mascaras on the left of the image. I'm most excited to try the Max Volume.

The Lash o Matic is alright. I don't think that it replaces wearing falsies, or looks like I'm wearing falsies. I can vouch for any reviews you may have watched on this product. The fibers don't go all over the place while applying, and they stay on your lashes all day. You don't have to fear having fibers all over face or in your eyes. I just wish the product was more impressive. If you're considering it, it's worth a try.

The Fergie mascara is standard mascara. I don't think it's that voluminous, but it does the job for the days that I don't need as much makeup. I think the name of the product makes a big claim, which it doesn't really deliver to.

wet n wild mascara fergie turn up the volume full blast mascara lash o matic max volume mega impact protein plump length

Max Volume
Mega Impact
Mega Length
Mega Protein
Mega Plump
Lash o Matic
Fergie Turn Up the Volume Full Blast Mascara


The retractable eyeliner is a good staple item to keep around. I have it because it stays pretty well on the waterline, compared to other liners.

I absolutely love the On Edge pencils! The formula is so creamy, and the color is intense. They are totally comparable to Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on pencils. I own some of them, and I can comfortably say that Midnight Girl is just as good as Perversion. Do yourself a favor and grab some of these.

I have a lot of eyeliners opened right now, so I chose not to open/swatch the white liquid liner. But, I'm sure it's good. I've used their black Megaliner before, and it's one of the only liquid black eyeliners I really like. I have some weird obsession with buying various white eyeliners, but then I chicken out and don't use them. I'm afraid that the liquid will pick up some eyeshadow pigment during application, or throughout the day. If you have any white eyeliner (especially liquid) tips, share them in the comments.

I'm kind of obsessed with the creme eyeliner. The formula is truly creamy and very pigmented. This liner is completely black. I like that I don't have to dip my brush in the pot a million times to get the job done. It works great with wet n wild's slanted eyeliner brush.

wet n wild megalast retractable eyeliner black on edge long wearing eye pencil space cake midnight girl to my yang megaliner trim with lace creme eyeliner carbon my reach

Megalast Retractable Eyeliner in Black
On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencils in Space Cake, Midnight Girl, and To My Yang
Megaliner in Trim With Lace
Creme Eyeliner in Carbon My Reach


I've never used wet n wild lashes before, and I'm super curious about the lash adhesive. They look promising. The eyeshadows in the deluxe kit are standard wet n wild shadows, which, as we know, are pretty darn awesome.

As for the rest of the eyeshadows, you will note that the pigmentation is great. Wet n wild just does so good with eyeshadow, it's unbelievable for a drugstore brand. There's always a shade here and there that isn't so good (like the silver in Don't Steal My Thunder), but overall they are impressive.

I need to take a moment to talk about one of my favorite palettes- the Au Naturel Nude Awakening palette. I have to admit I'm obsessed/addicted to it. Just look at the colors. They go together so well and are pleasing to the eye. My favorite shade is #7. I have to admit that when I bought the palette, I was using it everyday. I never do that because I have so much eyeshadow that I mix up my look all the time. So, that really says something about this palette. You need to buy them.

Allow me to have another moment to talk about wet n wild's undoubtedly best eyeshadow palette- Comfort Zone. I've read people rave about it all over the internet, calling it the best palette. And it is. The palette technically contains 2 eyeshadow looks, but you can mix and match and get awesome results. Can we just stop for a second and appreciate the very last shade in the palette? I have no idea how they make it look like that, but even when applied it has that holographic look. Who else makes a shade like that?

wet n wild deluxe eye collection

Deluxe Eye Set with lashes and the following single eyeshadows:

wet n wild deluxe eye collection swatches

Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow palette don't be a poser

Don't Be a Poser

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow palette melrose face

Melrose Face

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow palette melrose at night

Melrose at Night

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow palette angels in aubergine

Angels in Aubergine

Au Naturel Palettes

wet n wild au naturel palette nude awakening

Nude Awakening

wet n wild au naturel palette bare necessities

Bare Necessities

Photo Focus Eyeshadow Palettes

wet n wild photo focus eyeshadow palette paris runway

Paris Runway

wet n wild photo focus eyeshadow palette milano collections

Milano Collections

wet n wild photo focus eyeshadow palette milano collections swatches

Fergie Photo Focus Eyeshadow

wet n wild fergie photo focus eyeshadow camouflage couture

Camouflage Couture

wet n wild fergie photo focus eyeshadow desert festival

Desert Festival

wet n wild fergie photo focus eyeshadow maldives sky

Maldives Sky

Coloricon Eyeshadow Collection

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow collection comfort zone

Comfort Zone

Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow palette california roll

California Roll

Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow trio the new romantics

The New Romantics

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow trio don't steal my thunder

Don't Steal My Thunder

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow trio sweet as candy

Sweet as Candy

wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow trio in-di-go i go go

In-di-go I Go Go

Fergie Jet-Set Makeup Palette

This limited edition kit is huge! I chose not to swatch it because of it's size. I have to admit it's a lot of fun to use. It contains eyeshadow, lipgloss, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliners, a lip liner, and a mirror. It's typical wet n wild quality makeup. These things can still be found floating around online, so consider picking one up for yourself.

wet n wild fergie jet-set makeup palette

wet n wild fergie jet-set makeup palette

Bonus- Coverall Correcting Palette in Color Commentary

Since creating this post I purchased yet another wet n wild product- their color corrector. Color correcting has been trending lately, so I wanted to get in on the action. So far, I like this product, but I think it takes time and practice to get just right. So far I've used just my finger to apply it. I think it worked OK, but it could be better. I think I have just been too timid in application. Moving forward I want to apply it with their concealer brush. Their brush is larger than your standard, tiny dot concealer brush. I will continue to blend it out with my blending sponge. In the reviews some people complained about the areas that they applied the corrector in becoming oily throughout the day. I haven't had this issue.

wet n wild coverall correcting palette color commentary

My wet n wild collection never stops growing. I find that I love and enjoy most of the products that I try out, with a few misses here and there. I'm always impressed with their eyeshadows, and I just can't stop using the Coverall foundation! My next wet n wild purchases will be the limited edition summer highlighting items and liquid lipsticks. They look so pretty! Do you have any of these products? Any you want to try? What are your favorites? Tell me in the comments. If you heart these collection posts, rest assured that more are coming your way soon. Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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