e.l.f. Haul #4 - Cleaning the Warehouse

I was enjoying a normal Thursday night when I learned that e.l.f. was having a huge sale on some old and newer items alike, in order to clean out their warehouse and move to a new one. Immediately I knew I had to help clean them out. I was pleasantly surprised to see some items included in the sale that I've never personally seen on the site before. I was able to get my hands on such goodies, as well as newer matte lip color shades, and some types of products I've never tried before. I'll be doing the usual review/first impression/swatch process, so that you can go out and get the products that will work best for you.

elf haul

1) e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color- Luxe

Unfortunately, these eyeshadows have very poor color payoff. However, the formula is very soft. If you are someone who is not interested in a dramatic eye, these are for you.

e.l.f. brightening eye color luxe swatch

2) e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color- Drama

e.l.f. brightening eye color drama swatch

3) e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color- Butternut

e.l.f. brightening eye color butternut swatch

4) e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow- Party Purple

This product has better color payoff than the brightening eyeshadow. I have used the same one, but in the ocean blue colors, and the quality is pretty good for $1.

e.l.f. flawless eyeshadow party purple swatch

5) e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick- Pink Lemonaid

These products look and feel like lipgloss. I'm talking about that shiny, sheer look, with a sticky feel. They stay sticky and wet over time. I really hate lipgloss, so I regret buying these products. If you like sheer lip color and lipgloss, then you should think about getting these. Also, it takes forever to prepare these for first use. You have to keep twisting the end for some time before the product dispenses. Raspberry has the best color payoff.

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick pink lemonaid

6) e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick- Baby Lips

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick baby lips

7) e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick- Nude Pink

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick nude pink

8) e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick- Ruby Slipper

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick ruby slipper

9) e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick- Strawberry

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick strawberry

10) e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick- Raspberry

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick raspberry

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick swatches

11) e.l.f. Essential Lipstick- Posh

These lipstick appear to be as good as your average drugstore lipstick. They aren't incredible, but they will function as a basic lipstick, which is their purpose. Color payoff is what I would expect. A caution with these- the lids don't actually snap on, meaning they fall off easily.

e.l.f. essential lipstick posh

12) e.l.f. Essential Lipstick- Nostalgic

e.l.f. essential lipstick nostalgic

13) e.l.f. Essential Lipstick- Fearless

e.l.f. essential lipstick fearless

14) e.l.f. Essential Lipstick- Flirtatious

e.l.f. essential lipstick flirtatious

15) e.l.f. Essential Lipstick- Sociable

e.l.f. essential lipstick sociable

e.l.f. essential lipstick swatches

16) e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color- Fuchsia

I've raved about these in the past, and I still feel the same way. These products have great color payoff, and are effectively matte. Also, they don't dry out your lips! It doesn't feel like you are wearing matte lip color, but they truly are matte. They also have good staying power. I can eat and drink with them on, and only do a minor touch-up afterwards. Seriously, you need to get these things. I'm digging Praline and Natural right now.

e.l.f. matte lip color fuchsia

17) e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color- Praline

e.l.f. matte lip color praline

18) e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color- Rich Red

e.l.f. matte lip color rich red

19) e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color- Natural

e.l.f. matte lip color natural

e.l.f. matte lip swatches

20) e.l.f. Studio Pressed Mineral Bronzer- Baked Peach & Caramel Cabana

First, I love the packaging of these bronzers. They give a more high-end feel. The pigmentation is pretty good. Caramel Cabana is a darker bronzer, and I'm just obsessed with it. Overall, these are pretty darn good and worth your money.

e.l.f. pressed mineral bronzer baked peach caramel cabana swatches

21) e.l.f. Studio Baked Bronzer- Maui

You have to keep rubbing your brush in the product a lot in order to get any pigment on the brush. It does work and look fine...eventually. The baked bronzers and highlighters are not my favorite e.l.f. products.

e.l.f. baked bronzer maui swatch

22) e.l.f. Essential Blush- Innocence

This blush is perfect for more natural/nude makeup looks. Very soft formula.

e.l.f. blush innocence swatch

23) e.l.f. Studio Blush- Giddy Gold

I'm not sure how much use I will get out of this blush, since it's a gold shade. It reminds me more of a bronzer than a blush (you may even be able to use it as a bronzer). However, I don't want to discredit it. I think it would work great for some sort of themed makeup look.

e.l.f. blush giddy gold swatch

24) e.l.f. Studio HD Blush- Showstopper

I've never tried a cream blush before. The idea of such a product scares me, because I'm afraid it will be too harsh and not blend well. When I swatched this product, I only applied one pump to my arm. Let me tell you, a little goes a mile. I included a few photos just as proof. I was able to keep spreading the product all over my arm, and the color was super intense! I then rubbed the residue on my finger onto my hand, to show you what it looks like more blended. I actually had trouble washing this product off. I had to scrub my arm in the shower. Overall, I'm not sure if I will ever use this, because the color is overly intense (even when blended), and doesn't come off easily. My recommendation is to try using only half a pump, or less.

e.l.f. hd blush showstopper

e.l.f. hd blush showstopper swatch

e.l.f. hd blush showstopper swatch

25) e.l.f. 3-Piece Nail Polish Set- Beach Party

e.l.f. nail polish tends to chip pretty quickly, but I'm a nail polish collector, so I purchased everything I could get my hands on. I do like the colors and the themes. I'm super excited for the natural colors, as I feel I did not have any decent natural colors beforehand. 

e.l.f. 3 piece nail polish set beach party

Coral Dream
Flirty Fuscia
Smokin' Hot

26) e.l.f. 3-Piece Nail Polish Set- Mysterious

e.l.f. 3 piece nail polish set mysterious

Metal Madness
Dark Navy
Purple Dream

27) e.l.f. 3-Piece Nail Polish Set- Nice & Natural

e.l.f. 3 piece nail polish set nice & natural

Smoky Brown

28) e.l.f. 3-Piece Nail Polish Set- Beautifully Bright

e.l.f. 3 piece nail polish set beautifully bright

Party Peach
Teal Blue

29) e.l.f. Nail Polish Set- Jazzy Berry & Meadow Mist

I'm intregiued by the stickers that say "new formula." I'm hoping this means they will not chip as fast.

e.l.f. nail polish jazzy berry meadow mist

30) e.l.f. Studio Sculpting Face Brush

This brush is a knock-off of some other new, high-end sculpting brushes. I knew this e.l.f. brush would be just as good as the others, and it is! I kept looking forward to my order arriving, just to use this brush. It's slanted design has improved my bronzer application (which I've been struggling with), while making it easy to blend. You should buy this brush.

This concludes my e.l.f. haul #4. Tell me in the comments which of these products is your favorite, or even which ones you own. Also, if you like hauls such as this, give a shout out in the comments. Have a question about any of these products? Let me know. Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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