What I Got For Christmas 2015 Part 2: The Nails + More

Friday, January 15, 2016
The next installment of this series is here. Today I will show you all of the nail polish and accessories that I got for Christmas, plus a few other uncategorized items. Missed part one? You can read it here.

christmas 2015 nail sets

Be Paris! 18 Piece Nail Collection

This is the first time that I have seen Paris Hilton nail polish, which means it needs to be in my collection, even though I don't consider myself a Paris fan. Some of the colors are rather unique, and the bottles are pretty. I hope that the polish doesn't chip quickly. 

be paris 18 piece nail collection

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Set

Before getting this set, I only had two bottles of Megalast, but I really like it. The brush that comes in the bottle is amazing. It should be the standard for all nail polish. Overall, it lasts better than some other brands.

wet n wild megalast nail set

My Beauty Spot Nail Polish

I have never heard of this brand before. There were two different containers, and this is both of them. I have a fear that the quality won't be too good, but I will give them a try.

my beauty spot nail polish

The Color Workshop Dazzling Nails

I got a version of this set last Christmas as well. Some pieces are new, and some are repeats, such as the stencils, but you can always use more of those (and they work). I like sets like these because if I can't decide on what nail art I want to do, I can grab something from the set for a fast look. I have never used loose glitter before, but I'm curious to give it a try, as well as the foils. I've only ever done foil on Easter eggs! This should be interesting.

the color workshop dazzling nails

Surprise! Some Forgotten Nail Art Pieces

After taking the main picture for this blog post, I realized that I had forgotten to include these nail art tools, because I had them on a different table. Oops! But, they deserve to be talked about. I'm really liking the Revlon sets. One end is a normal polish, and the other is a nail art striping brush. My favorite is the wine matte and the shiny gold combo. Just one thing that bothers me is using topcoat when you have both a matte and shiny polish on your nail. I guess you don't use any? Tell me what you do in the comments. 

I love collecting nail art wheels, just because they give you simple nail art ideas in a snap. Also, notice the pink bottle that just says nail art. They don't have any brand name, but I really like them. I find them at Walgreens around Christmas as stocking stuffers. They have a fine metal tip, similar to that of Hot Designs if you have used them before. I love them and I have them in every color I could find! Finally, the pink and orange double-ended tubes are the same deal. One end has the fine metal tip, the other has nail decals. They are from the dollar store. How nifty for nails in a flash!

nail art polish wheels revlon

Miscellaneous Extras- EOS Lip Balm & a knock-off

I cannot say enough good things about EOS! It's the only lip balm I will use. When I see people using anything else, I wonder why they have not yet discovered EOS. My lips have experienced a night-and-day difference since using this product. You will notice one of these products is not EOS, but I love lemons and the packaging is so cute. It smells great too. I'll give it a go, but I don't trust it.

eos lip balm and knock-off

Eau de Gaga Unisex Fragrance

This is my favorite perfume, next to Fame of course! Somehow I never go "nose blind" to this scent. I can smell it all day long. I think it is truly unisex. I also dare say the scent is rather sexy. This stuff is a bit strong, so I can't wait to use the shower gel and lotion!

eau de gaga fragrance

Did you get any nail sets for Christmas? Don't forget to share those in the comments. Another installment of this series is coming your way soon! Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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