After Christmas Haul

Thursday, January 07, 2016
It's no secret, I have few set days throughout the year that are dedicated to shopping and deal hunting. One of those days is December 26. It's a great time to snag all of the stuff you didn't get, or to just enjoy some amazing deals. This year I ended up getting a lot of nail sets, but it seemed like the makeup sets really sold prior to Christmas. Nonetheless, I got my hands on some awesome stuff that I wanted to share with you.

after christmas haul

after christmas haul fashion handbags

Profusion Stackable Nail Polish Set

I didn't have any Profusion nail polish in my collection, so I had to have these! They actually are stackable. They lock into the lids really good, and make a rather pleasing "pop" sound when you pull them apart.

profusion stackable nail polish set

Wet n Wild Deluxe Eye Collection

Since this was half off, I figured, what the heck! I don't have any Wet n Wild eyelashes, and I'm curious as to the quality of the glue. I do love their eye shadows!

wet n wild deluxe eye collection

wet n wild deluxe eye collection swatches

Bonita Cosmetics Fairytale Wishes

Ok, so, I already had the Everlasting set, and disappointingly these polish chip rather fast. But, I thought the colors in this set were so pretty that I had to have it. I just wish the quality was better.

bonita cosmetics fairytale wishes

Body Fantasies Signature Set

Body Fantasies is my favorite body spray brand. I bought this set because I don't own any of their more recent fragrances, but I really wanted to try them out.

body fantasies signature set

Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Deluxe Nail Set

Being a nail junkie, I obviously had to add these to my collection. I'm slightly disappointed that two of the colors are repeats between the two packages, but I will pass them along to a friend.

wet n wild fergie center stage deluxe nail set

Scunci 18 Piece Ribbon Hair Tie Set

Who doesn't love these things?! They were such a steal at half off. I think I have every color imaginable now.

scunci 18 piece hair tie ribbons

Wet n Wild Best of Megalast Salon Nail Color Collection

I really like the Megalast nail polishes, so I figured I would enjoy this set.

wet n wild best of megalast salon nail color collection

Christian Siriano New York 5 Piece Professional Lip Crayons

I have never seen any Christian Siriano products before, so why not give these a go. I don't think the colors are incredibly unique, but still nice to have in your collection. They are not matte.

christian siriano new york 5 piece professional lip crayon

christian siriano new york 5 piece professional lip crayon swatches

The Color Workshop Nail Boutique Essential Polish Collection

I was glad to see that The Color Workshop made some new, fun colors! I also love that the polishes are named, which is important to me because I'm making a nail polish swatch book.

the color workshop nail boutique essential polish collection

Body Fantasies Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy Spray and Lotion Set

This is my all-time favorite body spray fragrance! I was shocked when I saw the size of the bottles, at half price! I now have enough of this spray to last me a lifetime, seriously.

body fantasies pink sweet pea fantasy spray and lotion

The Color Workshop Ultimate Nails Glamorous Nails Collection

I truly collect nail polish and nail accessories. I was happy to see that they significantly increased the size of the nail bag this year. Most of these polishes ended up being repeated in their manicure trunk (shown below), so I will pass those colors off to a friend.

the color workshop ultimate nails glamorous nails collection

Profusion Eyes Palette

Let me just say that I have owned the Face palette for a year, and I absolutely love it and use it all the time. I almost bought this palette last year, then decided against it. I finally caved. I don't think the colors are very unique, which will cause me to not use it often. But, I figured it belonged in my collection.

profusion eyes palette

profusion eyes palette swatches

profusion eyes palette swatches

The Color Workshop Manicure and Nail Drying Case

I really think this was a smart buy. This case came with plenty of nail polish, manicure tools, and some interesting creams to try! I wish the bottles were bigger! The nail dryer actually has to be plugged into the wall, so I'm hoping it will be powerful. My only complaints is that it came with no instruction manual, so I have to figure out what head does what for the electric nail tool. Also, the case does not fully open for more storage, you only have the side compartments.

the color workshop maicure nail dyer set

the color workshop maicure nail dyer set

the color workshop maicure nail dyer set

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eye shadow in Desert Festival

These palettes have been clearanced out at various stores, so I have been collecting them as I find them. I like these vibrant, fun colors.

wet n wild fergie photo op eyeshadow desert festival

wet n wild fergie photo op eyeshadow desert festival swatches

Other Random Things- Smartphone Tripod and Conair In-Shower Detangling Brush

I bought the tripod because I thought it would help me out with blogging. As far as the brush is concerned, I thought it would be nice to try out. I have an in-shower wide tooth comb, but I never use it. I feel like the brush is more effective, and my hair loves it so far. The bristles are super flexible, and they quickly and easily remove tangles without pain. I can't even tell I'm running the brush through my hair.

smart phone tripod conair shower detangling brush

Golden Orb Lights and The Bombay Company Pineapple Wine Set

I thought the lights were different and really pretty with their antique look. While they are technically Christmas lights, they could be used year-round. I plan on pairing them with the wine set for some antique-style decor. I bought the wine set because I love pineapple fashion and decor. I plan on buying a decorate wine bottle for it. 

gold ball christmas lights

the bombay company pineapple wine set

The Fashion

Adam Levine Knit Long Cardigan

I purchased this cardigan because it was the missing piece to an outfit I was making! Expect to see it in an OOTD in the future.

kmart adam levine long knitted cardigan

Faded Glory Sweater

I just love the color of this sweater! It makes me want to find a matching lipstick and wear them together. I already had this sweater in another color, so I know it's warm and comfy! 

walmart faded glory sweater

No Boundaries Black Distressed Skinny Jeans

Something caught my eye about these jeans ever since the first time I saw them. They have some attitude, which I like.

walmart no boundaries black distressed skinny jeans

Kmart Mini Black Leather Handbag with Gold Accents

I have been wanting a handbag in this style for so long! I think the bag is super cute. It came with a removable strap, but I like using it as an over-the-arm piece.

kmart mini black leather handbag gold accents

George Wristlet Wallet

This wallet is large enough that I actually use it as a clutch. I bought it to go with a vest that I got for Christmas (featured in an upcoming post).

walmart george wallet wristlet

Joe Boxer Iridescent Mini Handbag

I love collecting items that are weird. This handbag has a pink iridescent finish, so as you turn it, it appears to go back to white. How cool is that.

kmart white iridescent mini handbag

Did you score any after Christmas deals? Be sure to share them in the comments. Also, another installment of my What I Got for Christmas 2015 series is coming your way! Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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