End of Summer Mall Haul

Sunday, October 04, 2015
To many people, Labor Day is the last true blast of the summer. Every year I have the privilege of shopping and scraping up those final summer deals. This is a great time to conduct one final search for items on your shopping list, while beginning the hunt for fall must-haves. Today I am finally getting the opportunity to share my final Summer 2015 mall haul with you!

end of summer mall haul

Store #1: Icing

While I did not get much, I really like my selections. My favorite are the rings by far. Notice the anchor theme?

icing anchor accessories jewelry

icing anchor nautical rings midi

Store #2: rue21

I'm completely surprised that I did not buy out the whole on on this trip, because I tend to do it often. I finally found an affordable black sunhat. I already had the bracelets in gold, and I really like them because they remind me of coins.

rue21 hat bracelets

rue21 silver discs bracelets

Store #3: Forever 21

I was super intrigued by their jewelry selection! I almost bought some makeup too. I look for strange or unique pieces to add to my collection. I could not help but grab a few things. I even bought an umbrella to use solely as a fashion accessory because I can do that. I want to open it up, but it looks so pretty the way it is. I also got a cami, but you already know what cami's look like so no need for a secondary picture. 

forever 21 umbrella

forever 21 crystal gold necklaces trio

forever 21 gold crystal necklace

forever 21 gold triangles necklace

Store #4: Sephora

I went there just to get my Naked Smoky palette. I love it, and I've been loving it ever since I first laid eyes on it. End of story.

urban decay naked smoky palette

Store #5: Target

I got the Nope shirt because I'm building a fall outfit with it. As for the white shirt... one day I realized I'm the only sole on the planet who doesn't own a plain white tee, so I changed that. I thought the pens and pencils were super cute and fashionable. The Sonia Kashuk brush is the pencil brush, which is really great for applying eye shadow around the bottom of your eye. It is my first Sonia Kashuk piece. Finally, I bought a CD because I'm old school like that.

target nope t-shirt black short sleeve

target basic plain white t-shirt short sleeve v neck

target mechanical pencils pens stylish

target sonia kashuk no 32 pencil brush

Store #6: Dillards

Every time I go in Dillards I die a little inside because I wish I was wealthy enough to buy it all. I did walk out with some good deals. I wear the sheer tank and soft shorts with the Forever 21 3 piece necklace set and umbrella pictured above. The outfit is so comfy yet so stylish. I'm a sucker for anchors, so of course I got the shorts. I plan on wearing them with the Target white tee and the Icing nautical ring set. 

Nautical shorts- Freestyle Revolution
Sheer white tank- Soprano
Coral soft shorts- Freestyle Revolution

dillards freestyle revolution red anchor nautical shorts

dillards freestyle revolution coral soft shorts

dillards sheer white tank soprano

Store #7: Macy's

While these are not exactly what I was looking for, I was out of time. Sorry for the awful picture, but these are just black denim shorts. They are soft and feel like they have some stretch. They will be part of the Nope shirt outfit.

macy's black shorts

This concludes my haul. I hope that your shopping trips were successful and that you found everything on your list. Thank you so much for reading and sticking with this blog. I try my hardest to be consistent with posting. I admit that you, my readers, are on my mind a lot. I care about you guys and I want you all to have fresh, robust content available. I am probably one of the most busy people you will ever meet. Sometimes life doesn't let me share with you on a consistent day. I strive for Fridays, but thanks for staying even when I miss the mark. Be sure to share your latest mall haul with me in the comments. Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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