What's in My Nail Container?

Saturday, September 12, 2015
As it turns out, there is more to life than nail files and cuticle pushers. I have a bunch of other goodies that I like to whip out to create one-of-a-kind nail looks. Today I'm opening up my container full of nail design "accessories" for you to see and get inspired from.

nail container

1. Salon Express and Hollywood Nails Nail Stamping Kits

salon express and hollywood nails stamping kits

I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for any nail device that promises fast and easy nail art like the professionals do. But nail stamping really works! The Salon Express is just like using Konad. The Hollywood Nails apparatus is not so great, however. The stamper won't actually reach my nail. I just remove the stamper and do it by hand for great results. An in-depth nail stamping post will be coming in the near future.

2. Stamping plates for Salon Express and Hollywood Nails

salon express and hollywood nails stamping plats

These are the plates that came with the kits. The designs are a lot of fun offer endless possibilities.

3. Bundle Monster Nautical/Sea Life/Summer Stamping Plates

bundle monster nautical sea life summer beach stamping plates

I purchased these Bundle Monster plates just to get the mermaid scales design. But I am totally obsessed with nautical and sea life stuff. I adore this entire set to bits. It overwhelms me because I want to try out every design!

4. Nail Art Gem Wheels

nail art wheels gems

Everyone should have some sort of nail gems to play with. Adding a few gems can really up your manicure game. 

5. Artificial Nails- "Plain"

kiss artificial fake nails acrylic plain

A kit like this is great because you get many sizes to choose from to find your best size, and they are blank canvases for your imagination. I think everyone should have these as well.

6. Artificial Nails- Designs

artificial fake nails fingers

Being a nail junkie like me, any awesome looking artificial nails are a great score. These are perfect for when you don't have time for nail art or you want longer nails. Who does not want pink flamingos on their nails?! Seriously. 

7. Nail Polish Remover Pads

nail polish remover pads

I'm not a big fan of these. They are always oily and not as effective as regular nail polish remover. I only have them because they came with a set or were a gift.

7. Nail Lacquer Thinner

orly nail lacquer thinner

Old or glitter polishes can get super thick and unusable over time. ORLY nail lacquer thinner really restores life back into your polishes, making them usable again. You should probably have this if you own quite a few bottles of polish.

8. Cosmetic Wedge Sponges

cosmetic wedge sponges

These sponges are not just for your face. They are perfect for creating ombre nail looks.

9. Toe Separators

nail polish toe separators

Every time I put these between my toes, I remove them two seconds later. I can't stand the feel of them. I can paint my toes just fine without them, but they come in every nail set.

10. At Home Acrylics Tools

nail acrylic tools brushes glass bowl

I keep a bowl and brushes (such as an eye shadow brush) for doing acrylics. Gotta love that dried acrylic and brush fibers on the bowl. 

11. Electric Manicure Tool

the color workshop electric battery operated manicure tool

I got this tool super cheap after Christmas one year. It came with a variety of filing and buffing heads. The heads were featured in my What's in my Nail Bag post. This tool is battery operated.

12. Nail Art Guides & Stickers

nail art guides stickers gems stencils

Flowers, check. Stripes, check. French nails, check. Seal these looks with topcoat and you are good to go!

13. Nail Polish Strips

nail polish strips appliques kiss essie sally hansen sinful colors

You are probably thinking I have gone off the deep end with these. No, I just really love nail polish strips. They provide a better manicure than I can do, and in half the time. I can also wear them for 2 weeks without any problems. Sally Hansen, Kiss, and Sinful Colors are the best. If you can get your hands on Sinful Colors, please do! They are the cheapest at $1.99 and work just as good as the others. Kiss are the second cheapest. I DO NOT recommend the Essie strips. They are a waste of $15. Only try them if you find them clearanced for $2. They peel up and the designs wear off in a few days. They are too thick to seal with topcoat. 

14. Note Card for Dotting

note card nail art dotting

This is a great and reusable trick for nail dotting. Apply some polish to the card, then dip your tool in the polish. It's that simple.

We have made it through the contents of my full-to-bursting nail container. I hope after reading this you have gained a better sense for what accessories you want to enhance your nail looks. Keep those nails pretty and I'll see you next time. Continue to let your true beauty shine.

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