Walmart Haul!

Sunday, September 06, 2015
Right off the bat I think this post sounds totally crazy. When people do hauls, it's usually on high end stuff. But you can definitely have a Walmart haul when you buy too much stuff like me. Let's jump right in.

walmart summer haul

1. Basic zebra tee

walmart no boundaries zebra t-shirt short sleeve

Everyone needs a few basic t-shirts in their collection. I'm not extremely fond of the No Boundaries t-shirts because they are long and form-fitting. Those kinds of shirts always make me feel like I'm supposed to tuck them in. For $1 it's a great buy for wearing around the house, or layering if that's your thing. Also, as you can probably tell, I love zebra. I just about blend into the background wearing it.

walmart no boundaries zebra t-shirt short sleeve

2. Dangle bar earrings

walmart gold dangle bar earrings

These earrings are the kind that have one part that hang off of the front, and the other part off of the earring back. I think that style is so awesome, but you don't see them around much.

3. Floral and lace kimono

walmart no boundaries floral lace kimono

This is such a versatile piece, I could not pass it up. You could put it over a dress, or build an outfit with it. I just love floral with a passion. And it also has lace. Now it just needs some leopard print, pineapples, and anchors and it will be my favorite thing ever. 

walmart no boundaries floral lace kimono

4. Maybelline Brow Define in Deep Brown

maybelline brow define deep brown

I always get suckered into trying the latest Maybelline product. I see the add in Teen Vogue, which I get for free because I bought too much Delias in the past, and then I have to have it. This product looked promising. I thought the directions in the ad were a bit strange. It showed you that you apply vertical lines in your brows with the pencil, then you fill them in with the powder. I was thinking it was going to be a wax pencil. Well, its not. Also, the packaging and the actual product have the directions written opposite of each other. So I'm not sure if Maybelline wants me to use the pencil or powder first. They also don't show you using vertical lines. I fill in with the powder, then fill in with the pencil, which is just like using powder again. It works decently well, but it takes longer because it's hard to build up the color.

5. George handbag

walmart george ladies red handbag small

I really needed a red bag because it was one of the only colors I didn't have in my collection. I think this one is super cute! I love these mini purses. It is just big enough to easily hold all of my stuff. I want all of the colors and styles.

6. Maybelline Lash Sensational in Blackest Black

maybelline lash sensational blackest black mascara

I really wanted to try this product after I watched Dani Mansutti apply it in a video. I was shocked by the length and volume she got from it. It does give me more length and volume than my staple Flower Lash Knockout in blackest black. However, I have a really hard time separating my lashes, even though I wiggle the wand. It is like the wand comes out with way too much product on it. I feel I could apply it better if this was not the case. I will say when it's time to wash off, it totally comes off. I tend to have trouble getting Lash Knockout off. I attempted to get some pictures for you, but Dani applied her's so much better. Also, in case you are wondering, in the picture I used brow define and brow drama in deep brown.

              maybelline lash sensational blackest black mascara tutorialmaybelline lash sensational blackest black mascara tutorial

7. Button up plaid shirt

walmart no boundaries green plaid flannel shirt button up cuffed sleeves

Ok, I am so drawn to plaid. These shirts can be worn in so many ways. I found an awesome website on Pinterest about how to style plaid shirts. Now I have too many ideas and will probably buy more plaid than what is healthy. I don't own enough green, so I went with green. But seriously, check this site out-

8. Bejeweled bracelets

walmart gold silver large jewel bracelets

These are great just because they are big and shiny. I plan on stacking them with other bracelets. They also have that dressy feel going on.

9. Watch with interchangeable bands

walmart interchangeable bands watch gold

All my life I have never been a watch person. Often I find that I get influenced by trends I see among people. Lately I been noticing people wearing the same watch daily, but it seems to always look good with their outfit. I was going to try that, but then I saw this set and I was like wow, 5 watches for the price of one, and all of the colors are usable for me (except for blue because my wardrobe is lacking in the blue department). I love how fancy the watch looks for being cheap.

10. Daisy soft shorts

walmart no boundaries daisy shoft shorts

I honestly believe that soft shorts have saved the world. They feel like you are wearing lounge shorts, but you can easily dress them up or down. I personally love making an outfit out of them because they make it look like you put so much effort in. And these are daisy print, enough said.

walmart no boundaries daisy soft shorts

11. Dangle ball earrings

walmart silver dangle ball earrings

I may have bought these just because they are shiny. But they also hang in your ears in a different way. You basically pull the slender metal part through until the chain gets up to your piercing. That way the ball part dangles in the front, and the metal piece dangles in the back. I have never seen that before.

12. Face scrubbers

I totally did not take an individual picture of them. But they are great. First of all, they come in lime green and pink. Also, they are silicon, so they are lovely to just touch, and they clean easily. They also suction to the shower wall. They have a bumpy section and a more upraised, grass like section. I use one daily with my exfoliating facial scrub. They work just as good as ye old exfoliating tools.

13. Woven back tank

no boundaries peach coral woven back tank

This color is perfect for summer. I plan on wearing it with a pair of matching sandals with a fabric flower, white shorts, denim vest, and some sort of gold necklace. The tank is also light and airy.

no boundaries peach coral woven back tank

14. Stacked rings

walmart gold silver stacked rings

These are my first 2 stacked rings. I'm feeling this multiple ring look. I have days where I just feel like wearing a million rings, and I think these will come in handy for such an occasion.

15. Necklace

walmart gold long necklace moon rock boho

I really like jewelry that has this like galactic rock look. I like to think they come from an unidentified planet. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear it with. Every piece finds it's outfit one day.

Are you now as exhausted as I am? This is what happens when I don't get to go shopping for a few weeks. But, stay tuned because I'm going to the mall in a few days, and I'm sure to overdo it big time. This concludes my haul. Thanks for reading and remember to let your true beauty shine. 

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