Summer Rewind: Camp Ligonier 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015
As Summer 2015 has drawn to a close, I thought it would be fruitful to reminisce about the great times that were had. A surprising high point of my summer was going to camp for a 2 day retreat. I was initially not excited, because I'm a hotel and mall kind of girl. While the trip was not ideal, it was actually not that bad. Also, I got some pretty great nature pictures to share, because anyone can make a picture of a tree look all professional.

Camp Ligonier is located in Ligonier, PA. This sign was at the top of a pretty steep, dirt hill. I guess you could consider it the official sign of the camp.

This is perhaps my favorite picture, which I call Travel Yoga. I brought my mat and worked out on the deck between our cabin and our neighbor's.

This is the view off of the deck.

The entrance to our cabin. Ours was actually built in memory of two people, which I thought was pretty special.

The view when you stand on the deck and look straight up.

The view when you stand on the deck and look straight ahead. If you walk there, you will end up in a small parking area, and eventually the pool.

This begins the pictures of the trail after walking up the previously mentioned hill.

Random climbing wall on the path.

View of the horizon along the path.

View of the trail I was walking. I feel like some of these trail images could be default Microsoft Windows desktop wallpapers aha.

Another image from along the trail.

The trail ends in a huge clearing with a breathtaking skyline, fire pit, and firewood storage.

The fire pit where we roasted marshmallows and I thought I was gonna fry my eyebrows off.

Firewood storage.

I took a bunch of pictures of the skyline because it was so amazing.

The skyline again.

More skyline.


Instead of walking back along the path that I knew, I decided to explore a little bit and found this grassy path that again looks like a desktop wallpaper.

More of the secret path.

Horizon along the path.

Then I found this random dock looking thing.

And so I got on top of it!

Behind the dock was these benches on the hill.

This one is random but I thought it was artistic so work with me people!

Another path image.

The horizon as I was headed back to main camp.

The top of the pool building was emerging.

The basketball court next to the game pavilion.

The dining hall.

Side of the dining hall and another building.

Huge grassy field/hill beyond the buildings.

The dining hall again.

Our cabin with no windows- just wire mesh and bunk beds.

My bed.

Standing at the back of the cabin facing the door.

Another view of my bed and of the top bunk.

Cabin ceiling.

Standing at the front of the cabin looking to the back.

Overall, I would probably go again if given the opportunity. I would prefer to go during cooler weather so that I'm not soaked in sweat and smelly 24/7. I think camp can be a really great way to relax and just let go of the burdens of life for a while. That being said, be sure to share your summer camp pictures, experiences, or anything regarding trips you went on in the comments. I can't wait to hear about your experiences and until next time (but before next summer) remember to continue to let your true beauty shine.

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