DIY: Turning Buttons into Earrings

Friday, August 28, 2015
I recently acquired all of my grandma's old buttons. When I say there is a ton, I mean it! Then it hit me that I should give them a purpose, such as making jewelry out of them! So far I have made a ring, and quite a few pairs of earrings. Since this is not something I have heard much about, I thought it would be worth giving you a super simple tutorial on button earrings.

Supplies you will need:

materials for turning buttons into earrings

1. Buttons- the kind that have a loop on the back. The other kind is OK too, if you so desire.
2. Superglue
3. Pliers with a cutter
4. Flat back/flat pad earring posts with backs- from your local craft store
*Optional: metal file

Step 1: Remove plastic loop

Using the pliers, get a good grip on the plastic loop on the back of the button with the cutting section of the pliers. Give the pliers a good twist until the loop breaks off. 

pliers removing back of button loop

Step 2: File back of earring

This is the optional part. If the loop broke off cleanly, then you do not need to file the area of the button. If it did not, use a metal file to get the area as smooth as possible.

button with loop on back removed smoothed filed

Step 3: Apply a drop of glue

Add a small drop of glue onto the flat pad of the earring post.

applying super glue on flat pad earring

Step 4: Place button on earring pad

Carefully place the button onto the glue on the pad, trying to keep the button centered and flat. Hold the button in place for about 30 seconds so that the glue can set and the button won't fall off.

placing button on super glue on flat pad earring

Step 5: Allow glue to dry

Follow the directions on the package of your superglue to determine how long the glue needs to dry. I let mine dry for a day, just for safe measure. It is super helpful if you have a place that the earrings can sit upright in while they dry. I placed mine into the top holes of a metal mesh CD holder!

Step 6: Show off your masterpiece

Wear those earrings and be sure to tell everyone that they are your master creation!

diy handmade homemade earring

This concludes my very short and sweet diy tutorial for making earrings out of buttons at home! Be sure to show me your creations in the comments, and/or share some fast and easy diy's with me! Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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